What do people say about Bluewattle?

“We have lived here just over a year and love the friendly community spirit, family events and parks. We had a valuation last week and were thrilled to find our house has gone up $18,000!”
– Lisa B, resident (November, 2016)

“I was initially attracted to the colour scheme and the fun, vibrant feel of Bluewattle… we’ve been really happy to find that living here, everything feels really open and accessible, especially Woolworths and Willows.”
– Krystal K, resident (November, 2016)

“The location is great – our girls have quickly made friends with the neighborhood kids and everyone is very friendly.”
– Cherie S, resident (November, 2016)

“I enjoy living here, know my neighbours and enjoy taking our kids up to the park, down to the river, everything we need is close
– Alex O, resident (November, 2016)

“Our clients have a desire to live in Bluewattle due to location and the new parks. We have sold 18 homes in the last year”
– Fiona Montgomerie, Tropical Homes (November, 2016)