In August 2016, two new parks were officially opened at Bluewattle, which now boasts three established parks for residents to enjoy. The community-nominated names of two new parks at Bluewattle were revealed at a Family Fun Day on Saturday, 13 August. Birdwing Park and Alfresco Park were the names chosen from more than 100 ideas entered in a public Park Naming Competition held earlier in the year.

The two new parks mark $3 million worth of landscaping for Bluewattle, and form part of the 11 hectares of recreational parklands and green corridors that will wind through Bluewattle when complete.

Birdwing Park

Pictured above, Birdwing Park is the largest park and playground in the Bluewattle masterplan, and is positioned on the corner of Bluewattle and Gambia Drive. It features a 10m tall tower with three levels of play areas, and two huge twisting slides. The tower is adorned with butterfly decorations which reflect Bluewattle’s stylised butterfly logo, denoting new life and revitalisation. This park also includes dedicated cross-fit exercise zones with equipment, swings, covered picnic structures, and plenty of space for outdoor sports. The name was inspired by the Birdwing butterfly – a large brightly coloured butterfly that is prevalent in Townsville.

Alfresco Park

This is a smaller park positioned in the heart of Bluewattle’s latest land release, bounded by Gambia Drive, Lizzie Street and Basil Lane. It features a long communal table, ideal for outdoor dining, birthday parties and picnics. Plus a productive arbour, growing fresh herbs for the whole community to enjoy. This park will be surrounded by homes on smaller lots and will act as a “village green” for local residents, as an extension to their limited backyard space. It was also be an alfresco destination for the broader community.

Jeff Caddies Park

The ever popular Jeff Caddies Park, which opened in March 2014, is named in honour of Jeffrey Ernest Caddies – World War Two veteran and Changi prisoner of war, widely known in Townsville for his contribution to the local community. The park features climbing frames, swings and slides for younger and older children, a half basketball court, BBQs and picnic tables, and a grassy area for children to kick a ball around.