Giveaway of a Lifetime winner



Congratulations to Kay Hurst – the lucky winner of our Giveaway of a Lifetime competition, in partnership with Fresh Homes and the Willows Shopping Centre.

Kay was the lucky winner of a brand new 3-bedroom house worth over $310,000. The home was designed by multi-award winning Fresh Homes, and is situated at 5 Lizzie Street at Bluewattle – right opposite the newly completed Alfresco Park.

On 18 March, 21 anxious Giveaway of a Lifetime competition finalists lined up at Willows Shopping Centre, a key in each of their hands and one brown door before them. They took it in turns to try their key in the door’s lock. Only one would open it; only one would win the brand new home at Bluewattle.

Kay Hurst waited patiently, as 19 people before her tried their keys without success. Kay stepped up to the door, slid her key in the lock, gave it a twist, and…. “click”. The door unlocked. Confetti fell from the ceiling. The gathered crowd erupted into applause. Kay had won a brand new, 3-bedroom home, built by Fresh Homes at Bluewattle.

We caught up with Kay recently to see how she felt at that moment and how her new home is working out.

How were you feeling as the other finalists before you tried their keys in the door?

I was really quite calm to be honest. My family was much more anxious than I was and it wasn’t until I turned the door knob that it hit me. Because I was number 20, there were only two keys left to choose from by the time I took my pick and I didn’t think it would be me – I can’t even win a chook raffle.

Have you had much of a chance to explore the neighbourhood yet?

Yes. Over the Christmas holidays we took one of my grand-daughters who’s 7 to the park and we were astounded then by how far Bluewattle has come along. My husband, who’s retired now, actually built some of the first homes in Bluewattle.

Congratulations Kay!